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(Huidiglik slegs beskikbaar in Engels)
Paint products:
■  Dulux Paints
■  Cedar Paints

Process of application:
1. Heavy rusted roofs are treated with Rust Converter.
2. First coat is a Etch Primer.
3. Final coat is a double layer Waterbase Roof paint.

Pre & Post Wash

Pre & Post Wash

Pre & Post Wash

Pre & Post Wash

Cleaning at 200 Bar pressure


Applying Red Oxide Primer

Applying Red Oxide Primer

1st Layer Final Coat

2nd Layer Final Coat

Final Product

Why Spray Paint?

■  It's Faster - More than four times faster than brushing. Over twice as fast as traditional rolling.

■  It provides uniform coverage even on rough surfaces - Airless spraying gives a consistent quality finish, no matter what the surface. Easier to apply paint to a variety of surfaces - smooth to rough and provides uniform distribution of material on uneven surfaces.

■  What is airless spray? - Airless spray breaks up fluid into small droplets (atomizes) without the use of compressed air like air spray guns. Paint from a bucket is pumped under high pressure through a hose to the spray gun and tip. When the spray gun is triggered, the paint flows through the spray tip, which creates a restriction, causing the paint (or other material) to break up (atomize) into a fine spray pattern. Spray tips come in a variety of hole sizes and spray pattern widths depending on the material and surface being sprayed.

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